YEAR 9 Mathematics Fold-Out Notes



This set of 3 Fold-Out Notes gives students fast, finger-tip access to all the concepts, explanations and examples needed for YEAR 9 Mathematics. Designed by a team of information designers and content experts, these guides help students to quickly learn, connect and apply the key concepts in this course.




The 3 Fold-Out Notes give comprehensive coverage of the topics making up this course with a strong emphasis on the Number, Algebra, Measurement and Geometry strands. Embedded cross references help students make the connections between concepts in their course.

Clear and Simple

Straight to the point explanations for all the key concepts.

Colour Coded

Text and graphics aid understanding and connect concepts.


Step by step worked examples show exactly how to apply the concepts.



Cross references connect concepts between sections.

Fully Indexed

A full index at the back helps to quickly locate any concept or term needed.