About the Company

Our Goal

We are a team of educators and designers dedicated to one goal:

To deliver experiences for students that help them to quickly learn, connect and apply the essential concepts in Mathematics and Science subjects.

By focusing students on these essential concepts we aim to help students develop a strong foundation of understanding.

From that foundation we believe anything is possible.

Our Work

Our work is currently focused on NCEA Mathematics and Science subjects for the New Zealand curriculum.

We provide a range of print and digital products in these subjects that seamlessly integrate together to provide quality learning experiences for students.

Choose a subject from the home page to see some of what we have to offer.

The Path Ahead

We are currently designing a new range of digital content and experiences to further engage students and develop their understanding. StudyPass.com will deliver this new content to students in New Zealand and other English speaking markets.

We are always interested in working with partners who share our vision to bring quality learning experiences to students around the world.


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